Adult Orthodontics Washington Heights

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Adult orthodontics in Washington Heights

Adult orthodontics Washington Heights
Adult orthodontics Washington Heights

Orthodontic care is not just for kids and teens. Adults up to and including geriatric patients are also in need of having teeth repositioned, and here at 125th Street Braces, we provide that treatment for you with the same level of expertise we’ve built our reputation upon, and backed by our many years of experience.

There are two excellent options that you have when it comes to our adult orthodontics Washington Heights. You can choose traditional metal braces or the system of clear plastic aligners known as Invisalign. Neither can be considered universally superior to the other. It all comes down to a matter of which suits your needs and preferences most closely. Metal braces have come a long way. If you remember them from your youth and they were thick, heavy monstrosities of criss-crossing wires and clunky brackets, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that the ones we make available for our adult orthodontics Washington Heights are lightweight and stylish instead. And yet, they have lost absolutely none of their ability to move your teeth steadily into a more ideal position. Invisalign gives you certain benefits that are not possible with metal braces. Their plastic construction makes them basically invisible. You just go about your business and no one else knows you have anything on your teeth. Plastic won’t be responsible for soreness or irritation as can sometimes occur when you have metal braces. And there are no food restrictions, either. Your aligners are removable, so you simply take them out when it’s time to eat. On the downside, some particularly challenging orthodontic cases may not be right for Invisalign. And if you don’t like the idea of removable aligners, preferring a fixed solution, you will probably opt for metal braces.

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