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Many people undergo some sort of orthodontic treatment, and even more people are deciding to choose braces even later in life as well. Whether you are a child, a teenager, or an adult, braces can be used to help improve the overall appearance of your smile is what is your overall sense of dental health. Having straighter teeth and a more even smile can do more than simply make your smile look more attractive. It can even help improve your dental health by reducing your risk of developing tooth decay and he can help alleviate stress on your bite. With the help of our Harlem orthodontist here at 125th Street Braces we can help provide you with a completely new smile that is both healthy and attractive.

Orthodontic treatment often involves braces, and braces tend to be the first thing that people’s minds go to when they think of orthodontic treatment to begin with. Braces definitely play a huge role in orthodontic care, but other oral appliances and devices may be used in addition to braces as well. Some of these items may include retainers that can help your orthodontic treatment stay in place once your braces have been removed, spacer that can help space your teeth apart during your treatment, expanders that can help to expand your pallet in order to accommodate your new smile, as well as additional tools and contraptions that can aid in the overall makeover your smile will receive. Are many different types of braces as well, but generally the types of braces that you are eligible for will depend on your specific needs, your desires, and even your budget. Here at 125th Street Braces our Harlem orthodontist will provide you with a comprehensive examination where in your mouth and your smile will be completely evaluated. From there, you’ll be able to determine exactly what types of braces you will be eligible for, what additional oral appliances may be necessary, and you may even learn what the projected time of treatment to may be.

Orthodontic care can be important when it comes to feeling better about your smile or even correcting malocclusions, bite problems, or seriously crooked teeth. There are so many benefits to considering getting braces, and if you happen to be interested in what orthodontic treatment can do for you, the please call us here at 125th Street Braces to learn more about our orthodontic services to book an appointment with our Harlem orthodontist today.

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