Inwood Medicaid Dentist

Inwood Medicaid Dentist

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Getting straighter teeth is important for oral wellness and also for self-esteem and confidence. When teeth are misaligned, it leads to discomfort and a greater chance of tooth decay and gum disease due to the difficulties involved with flossing between teeth. Orthodontics are not a luxury, but a necessity. And that is why we at 125th Street Braces are pleased to accept Medicaid. For kids, teens, and adults alike, for routine care and for emergencies, depend on our orthodontic practice.

All kids should be evaluated by the time they reach age 7. Our Inwood Medicaid dentist can determine if he or she is in need or what is known as interceptive orthodontics, or phase I treatment. This may be evident based on your observation of certain symptoms, like finger or thumb sucking, breathing through the mouth, and misplaced teeth, among others. But it’s a good idea to bring her or him in simply for assessment. You have nothing to lose, and there is potential gain in the form of proactive care. Getting a head start now can prevent more complicated work that takes more time later on. Traditional metal braces from our Inwood Medicaid dentist are the standard for kids, and are still an option for teens and adults. Today’s version of metal braces are more lightweight and stylish, and they continue to do an excellent job of realigning teeth. Invisalign, the set of aligners that offers an alternative to metal braces, is suitable for teens and adults, too. These are braces that no one can see because they are made of clear plastic. And with Acceledent, you can benefit from quicker treatment. It makes for more rapid results from your braces.

Our Inwood Medicaid dentist looks forward to working with you or your child. Contact our office to schedule a convenient appointment. We even have Sunday hours.

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