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Orthodontist in Inwood

People of all ages have decided that living with crooked teeth and an uneven bite is no longer an option and are turning to orthodontics as a way of correcting any malocclusions. Our Inwood orthodontist, Dr. Marvin Baptiste, DDS has been helping people straighten their teeth and even out their bites. Treatment at our 125th Street Braces practice begins with a complimentary consultation during which our doctor will examine your mouth and use 3-D imaging to determine your problem and recommend treatment options.

The most often used treatment option by our Inwood orthodontist is traditional braces. Braces consist of bonding stainless steel brackets on the patient’s teeth and threading arch wires through the brackets. The tension on of the wires on the brackets gently pushes the teeth in the direction needed. Our doctor will adjust the tension on each tooth during follow-up visits to help direct the teeth’s movements. Often other appliances such as headgear and mouth extenders will also be used to help the process, especially with younger patients. We also use clear ceramic braces for those patients who want to avoid the metal-look. The orthodontic process using braces can take between one and three years depending on the severity of the case. We offer AcceleDent Aura, which is an appliance worn about 20 minutes per day that enhances the effectiveness of braces and cuts the treatment time in half.

Our practice also offers Invisalign aligners. The aligners are custom fitting clear trays, which fit snugly over the teeth and push them gently into the proper place. The Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible so no one knows the patient is using them. Unlike braces the patient can remove the aligners during meals and for brushing their teeth, although they need to be worn at all other times. Our Inwood orthodontist office also offers interceptive orthodontics for young children. Instead of waiting until age 12 or so to begin orthodontics our office will examine a child’s mouth and teeth at age seven to determine if orthodontic treatment will be necessary. During this early first stage of an eventual two-stage process our doctor will do some necessary treatment techniques such as arch expansion, which allows more room for the permanent teeth or use some appliances that allow for greater jaw growth. This is done to make Phase 2, which is a more traditional orthodontic treatment easier with less need for tooth extraction and less use of dental appliances by the then teenage patient. Whatever your age make an appointment with our office for an evaluation to find out how we can help your bite.

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