Kids orthodontics in Washington Heights

Kids Orthodontics in Washington Heights

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Pediatric braces in Washington Heights

Kids orthodontics in Washington Heights
Kids orthodontics in Washington Heights

If you thought that wearing braces began around adolescence, you may find it interesting that there are significant benefits to beginning orthodontic treatment by age 7. Here at 125th Street Braces, it is our priority to be proactive and make sure that your child is getting the advantages of straighter and more healthy teeth as early as possible.

You should bring your child in for a first time evaluation by his or her seventh birthday. This may be due to symptoms or concerns that you’ve had opportunity to observe, or because you would simply prefer the peace of mind that comes with knowing if she or he needs our kids orthodontics in Washington Heights at this time. If the session reveals no reason for pediatric braces, your child can be monitored periodically in case there are any changes. Some of the indications that you should be aware of include teeth crowding or growing in crooked, your child breathing through the mouth, problems with chewing, misplaced teeth, early loss of baby teeth or baby teeth staying in for too long, teeth that are blocked out, shifting jaws, clicking noises in the jaws, and finger or thumb sucking. If you wait until your child is a teenager before starting our kids orthodontics in Washington Heights, the result can be more extensive, time-consuming, and costly treatment. It is also true that teenagers are typically more self-conscious about their appearance, so any minimizing of time spent wearing braces at that point is going to be a positive. Our pediatric braces do a magnificent job and may eliminate future orthodontic requirements entirely in some cases. However, you can expect an easier and simpler time of it then by starting now.

Contact our office and arrange a time to come in with your child to be evaluated for our kids orthodontics in Washington Heights.

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