Orthodontist in Inwood

Orthodontist in Inwood

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Orthodontic evaluations in Inwood

Prevention is always the key to optimal oral care, and that is certainly true when it comes to the alignment of your child’s teeth. At 125th Street Braces, we recommend early orthodontic evaluations for your child in order to be proactive. The reality is that by taking action now, you can prevent bigger problems down the road.

What exactly is included as part of an orthodontic evaluation? Basically, it means that your child’s teeth and jaws will be examined closely to determine if there is any reason that he or she should start wearing braces or get other direct treatment right away instead of waiting until she or he is a teenager. Our orthodontist in Inwood should see your child be age 7, and if there are obvious indications of issues with tooth positioning, you may even want to start before that. The reason age 7 is used as a guideline is because although each child’s transition from baby teeth to adult teeth will be on a different timetable, it is by then that it should be beginning or underway. Sometimes, baby teeth fall out and then the others shift, creating an obstacle for the ones that are getting ready to erupt. Part of what our orthodontist in Inwood does is to maintain space for those teeth. This in addition to the active guidance of jaw development and dealing with particular concerns like teeth crowding and misplaced teeth. Be on the lookout for signs your child may exhibit, such as jaws making noise or the jaws and teeth being out of proportion to the rest of his or her face. Mouth breathing along with finger and thumb sucking are also problems that you should be aware of.

Please reach out to our office and let us book an appointment for you and your child. An evaluation by our orthodontist in Inwood will set your mind at ease that either your child does not need treatment, or that she or he is getting the required care in a timely fashion.

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